About NurseyD.com

This blog has been started for many reasons. As you will read in my first blog titled “and NurseyD… Just who the heck are you?” – it explains a little about the person behind this site, my career as a nurse thus far, and a little of my mental health history.

The purpose for this site however, is for myself to convey a very important message, to nurses, to all beings suffering with mental illness. To tell you all, it’s ok. That no matter who you are, where you have come from, or where you are going, we all struggle with inner demons. Whether it be for part of our life, or for all of it; professionals, students, teachers,  mothers, fathers, children – we all have our own battles. I will discuss my opinions and knowledge gained both as a nurse, and as a patient myself.

I look forward to hearing about the journey’s of my readers, and hope that I will in some way, be able to inspire you, or even just spark a smile. If anything at all, please see me as someone to reach out to, anonymously or not. I’m always willing to shed some light where possible.

Let’s end the stigma.

It’s ok, to not be ok!