My week of self care – #Day 1

Day 1

I woke up late – around 10am or so. I felt hungover, I struggled to sleep. Typically not unusual for myself as I have suffered with insomnia for years. However, my pyschiatrist introduced me to a miracle pill that was actually helping. I – almost – felt normal. My medication is at it’s 3 month expiry date now though. That is – No matter what I seem to take, at about the 3 month mark, it just stops working. Completely frustrating let me tell you.

As I stumbled out of bed, I tried to at least tell myself I was enthused about the week ahead. But in all honesty I was already thinking about missing my partner and our 4 legged babies. Nevertheless, I started to pack my bag.

After I finished packing, it was breakfast and medication time. I decided to use my week away, as not only a self Love, reset, relaxation week – but also a detox and weight loss kick start. Over the past 2 years, my depression has really impacted my life. I now find myself 20kg heavier and much more uncomfortable with myself in every way possible.

I purchased the optifast shakes. To my delight, they actually taste pretty good! So vanilla shake for breakfast it was. Pills and vitamins down, goodbyes to my furry friends and I was off.

Upon arriving to my relaxation destination – I was starving. Food and I have this love love hate hate hate love love hate relationship. You would be proud though. I had grilled fish and salad by the water ! Now optifast generally says 3 optifast products per day, with 2 serves of veg in between. Let’s be realistic peeps – that ain’t happening just yet.

Since check in, I’ve unpacked and attempted a nap. Done some grocery shopping and set myself up for the week. I’ve enjoyed a lucious (ha) instant coffee and a mini chocolate (gotta keep those cravings at bay). Im currently lazing in a beautiful blue, glittery bath whilst letting my hair soak in an expensive mask. I’ll pommus my feet soon. I should shave my legs … but I don’t love myself THAT much today – maybe tomorrow 😉 haha

I’m feeling much better already. This self care stuff really does work. Give it a go. Love yourself.

Much love.


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