Self – L♥ve

I’ve never been a fan of those facebook posts “use the first letter of your first name” or “use the first letter of your surname” … but here is something a little different, that if anything at all, should just make you appreciate you. Spell your name out with the list of compliments below – see how amazing you really are ♥ Self Love is so important. Never forget that !!

Image result for decorative A

able, accepting, active, addition, admirable, adorable, affirming, ageless, agreeable, abundant, accomplished, accurate, adaptable, agile, alert, ambitious, appreciative, attentive, aware, authentic, attractive, affectionate, amazing, awesome, amusing

Image result for decorative b

beautiful, beloved, beneficial, benevolent, best, better, blessed, blissful, blooming, blossoming,bold, brilliant, brave

Image result for decorative c

caring, cute, creative, calm, capable, certain, challenging, charming, choice, clean, comfortable, charitable, careful, cool, charitable, cheerful, clear, committed, competent, concentration, compassionate, confident, consistent, convincing, courageous, courteous , cooperative, curious, clear-headed, considerate

Related image

desirable, decent, delicate, delicious, dreamy, dynamic, daring, delightful, dependable, desirable, devoted, determined, diligent, disciplined, diverse, drive, dazzling, divine

Image result for decorative e

excellent, educated, efficient, empathetic, enabling, energetic, engaging, enjoyable, eager, effective, elated, elegant, encouraging, enthusiastic, exciting, experienced, expert, expressive, enlightened, exalted, empowered, exhilarating, engrossing, ecstatic, entrancing, enlivened

Image result for decorative f

fantastic, fabulous, fair, faithful, favourite, flexible, family-oriented, focused, flourishing, forgiving, free, fun, frugal, friendly, fascinating, fulfilled, festive

Image result for decorative g

good, glowing, generous, genius, genuine, giving, going the extra mile, grace, gratitude, growing, grounded, glorious, groovy, giddy, glad

Image result for decorative h

hopeful, hot, happy, harmonious, healthy, heartwarming, helpful, honest, humorous, human, hero, holy, honesty, honourable, hospitable, humble

Image result for decorative i

imaginative, inspiring, ideal, incredible, interesting, innovative, improving, imaginative, independent, ingenious, insightful, inspiring, integrity, intelligent, involved, inclusive, intriguing, intuitive

Image result for decorative j

joyful, jolly, jovial, jazzy, jaunty, jubilant, junior, jumpy

Image result for decorative k

kind, keen, knowledgable, kind-hearted, kindred

Image result for decorative l

loving, learner, laugh, leader, logical, lucky, light, light of the party, loyal, lovable, luxurious, lively, likable

Image result for decorative m

magnificent, meaningful, majestic, marvellous, motivating, miraculous, magic, masterful, mindful, modest, merciful, mellow, moving

Image result for decorative n

nice, noble, neat, new, nurturing, noteworthy, novel

Image result for decorative o

outstanding, optimistic, open-hearted, original, open-minded, organized, out of this world

Image result for decorative p

perfect, positive, peaceful, paradisiacal,passionate, powerful, prepared, perceptive, persistent, pleasing, prosperous, playful,purpose driven, present

Image result for decorative q

quality, quiet, quaint, qualified, quick, quirky

Image result for decorative r

respectful, radiant , relaxing, remarkable, rational, respectful, responsible, resourceful, risk taker, romantic, righteous, resilient, rad

Image result for decorative s

super, smiley, soulmate, special, simple, selfless, secure, safe, sincere, stylish, sympathetic,strong, sparkly spontaneous, sweet, supportive

Image result for decorative t

true, teachable, trusting, team player, thankful, timely, tranquil, tender, thrilling

Image result for decorative u

unique, uplifting, ultimate, unconditional, upgrade, useful, unifying, understanding

Image result for decorative v

valuable, virtuous, valid, viable, victorious, vibrant, vexing, vivacious

Image result for decorative w

worthy, wild, wacky, wonderful, warm, welcoming, winner, welcome, witty,wholesome, whole hearted

Image result for decorative y

youthful, young, yummy

Image result for decorative z

zesty, zealous, zippy


Much love.

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